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The Fairr Pro

FAIRR PRO Fairness Treatment is the only proven treatment available in India which is equally recognized and endorsed by both beauticians and celebrities. For the first time a treatment, which is scientifically designed to enhance overall skin appearance with special attention to both fairness and skin health, and is easy to apply at the comfort of your home, is now available for everyone.

FAIRR PRO Fairness Treatment comes with four different applications, FAIRR PRO Fairness Cream, FAIRR PRO Fairness Body Pack, FAIRR PRO Moisturising Cream with SPF 40, and FAIRR PRO Night Gel. This revolutionary Treatment is a result of thorough research on Skin Science and is dermatologically tested with lab certification for its standard. All these products work in tandem to address all reasons responsible for skin darkening and signs of aging.

The product uses the best of ingredients, including Gold, Kesar, Actiwhite, and Olive extracts to name a few. Incorporation of Nano Technology utilizing Nano LPDs and Nano resins makes it a one-of-a-kind treatment in India.

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Celebrity Testimonials

Kishori Shahne

If somebody asks me about FAIRR PRO results, I tell them to look at my skin. If I can achieve such amazing change in my skin color and quality, why can’t others?"

Gurdeep Punj

"I didn’t always have such lovely skin, but once I started using FAIRR PRO, I’ve seen myself transforming week after week of use. You too can feel it, just try FAIRR PRO once!"

Aman Verma

"I really am not sure if others put as much efforts as I do towards skin care, but once I came to know about FAIRR PRO, it all became so easy and convenient. Today I can say with full confidence that the results I get from FAIRR PRO are not possible from any other product or treatment."

Rajesh Kumar

"Fairer skin tone is not the only thing you need, you need glowing, healthy and totally clean skin to make a lasting impression, and that is possible only with FAIRR PRO."